Market Oriented Policies for Freedom and Prosperity

We strive for a renaissance of market oriented thought in Germany and Europe, led by the conviction that the market offers more freedom and prosperity to society than can statism and government intervention. We develop pioneering policy solutions for societal problems while remaining independent from political parties and immune from the influence of interest groups.

The Market Economy Foundation strives for:

More Market

We consider the market, combined with more freedom, to be better capable of generating greater prosperity for all members of society than statism and government interventions. State interventions inhibit dynamism and initiative in many areas of life.

More Personal Initiative

The state may intercede in emergencies and should protect its citizens. The role of the state is not to compensate for a lack of personal initiative or enforce equality on all, but rather to cultivate a successful system of incentives.

More Freedom

Freedom creates the conditions for the willingness to succeed and the acceptance of responsibility. The state should establish an environment conducive to such objectives, but nothing more.

In order to realize these goals, we, along with our scientific advisory board, the Kronberger Kreis, work to develop concrete market oriented policies relevant to the labor market, social security, and taxation. We bring these policy suggestions to the political sphere

  • with scientifically based publications
  • at result-oriented conferences and conventions
  • through dialogue with key political and societal decision makers

Arguments for the Market Economy

The Market Economy Foundation has assembled substantive arguments with which you can learn more about the advantages of the market economy.

Have a look at our ARGUMENTARIUM (Arguments for Market Economy)!

The Market Economy Foundation receives no state support, and is instead financed through sales of its publications and the support from numerous supporters and members. This is how we remain independent.Become a supporter or member.



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