Dr. Bernd Raffelhüschen (Executive Board), Dr. Theo Siegert (Board of Trustees Chairman), Stefan Mappus (Governor of Baden Württemberg), Dr. Nikolaus Schweickart (Advisory Board Chairman), Dr. Lars P. Feld (Kronberger Scientific Council), Dr. Rainer Hildmann (Board of Trustees), and Dr. Michael Eilfort (Executive Board), left to right.

The Market Economy Foundation’s 2011 Annual Meeting in Kronberg

Many friends, supporters, and members of the Market Economy Foundation made their way to the Kronberg, the Market Economy Foundation’s birthplace, for the 2011 annual meeting. The new speaker of the Kronberger Scientific Council, Dr. Lars P. Feld, opened the meeting and welcomed the guests. Dr. Feld explained his views on the Stability and Growth Pact in the European Union, which he sees as misguided, and referenced a recently published editorial published in the Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung, in which the Kronberger Scientific Council dubbed the pact a “decisive regulatory turn to a transfer union.”

Stefan Mappus, Sitting Governor of Baden-Württemberg, Welcomed in Kronberg

Stefan Mappus takes stock of his work as governor of Baden-Württemberg and the results of the state parliamentary elections. At the spring meeting, Mr. Mappus presented his views and answered questions of critics and politically-interested members of the public.


Mappus had never experienced the kind of mobilization – including nonvoters – that his state saw over the course of the recent parliamentary elections. Mappus sees a growing sense of disorientation and insecurity among the people, matched with a declining belief in Ordnungpolitik and its values, even among its staunch middle class base.


Mappus concluded by voicing his hope that in the coming four years, “not everything that has been built over the course of the last 58 years will be shattered.” Mappus has observed that even the concept of freedom has come under fire and increasingly requires justification. The state, however, is increasingly in demand. Mappus advised that his party – the CDU – to develop a clearer profile for the future.

Stephan Mappus (left), Governor of Baden-Württemberg, next to the director of the Foundation’s advisory board, Dr. Nikolaus Schweickart.



A report of our meeting in Kronberg will appear shortly in our publication, Focus Market Economy (Blickpunkt Marktwirtschaft).

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