Kronberger Kreis - Scientific Council

More courage for the market…
…is the name of the game at the Kronberger Kreis.

Thwarting the expansion of the paternalistic state and contributing to the advancement of free society in Germany and Europe using consistent market-oriented ideas: these are the goals of the Kronberg Scientific Council (Kronberger Kreis), founded in 1982 upon the initiative of Wolfram Engels and leading contemporary economic and legal scholars.

As the scientific advisory council of the Market Economy Foundation, the Kronberger Kreis provides numerous studies and arguments for market-oriented solutions to crucial challenges in German and European economic policy. In many cases, it has been the intellect behind indispensible reforms. Its proposals regarding business taxation, social security, labor market regulation, and public administration have had a significant influence on the national economic and political discussion in Germany. Numerous elements of its reform proposals have found their way into German law.



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