The Swift Prize for Economic Satire

Named after Irish satirist Jonathan Swift, the Swift Prize honors creative discourse about freedom, competition, and individual responsibility based on market principles. The monetary award for the prize is €10,000. With this prize, the Market Economy Foundation strives to encourage more economic satire in journalism and to stimulate competition in this genre so that the discussion of market economics may once again be creative and thought provoking.

In 2010, the prize went to Martin Suter, whose books sold millions of copies and were later made into successful films. The Swiss author is a pioneer in the area of economic satire and is nearly unrivaled in this literary genre.

The first prize was awarded in 2008 to the cartoonist Volker Reiche, the author of the comic strip “STRIZZ,” which appeared in the feature pages of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. With help from the comic strip, which depicted the protagonist Strizz and his family, Volker Reiche was successful in commenting on daily economic politics with a satirical perspective.

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