Delighted prize winner Robert Shrimsley, along with jury foreman Prof. Theo Siegert and Laudator Prof. Clemens Fuest.

Robert Shrimsley receives the 2017 Swift Prize for Economic Satire

According to the jury, they chose Robert Shrimsley to honour a journalist, who devotes himself to the genre of satire from a (economic) political perspective with a satirical look at the week. With his unconventional international selection of topics and a refreshing interview approach, the head of the online edition of the most prestigious daily newspaper in Great Britain seeks out satirical subjects that also hit powerful personalities. He arouses interest in the debate about market-economic and economic relations, provides an entertaining insight into an increasingly complex economic structure, and draws more attention to the genre of economics. 

The Market Economy Foundation awarded the Swift Prize to Robert Shrimsley on May 5, 2017 in Kronberg im Taunus, Germany.  The Swift Prize is endowed with a monetary award of €10,000.

Named after the Irish satirist Jonathan Swift, the prize honours the creative discourse about the social order based on human dignity and the free market, which are built on the fundamental values of freedom, competition and individual responsibility.



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